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WRCA has completed 191 port projects in 24 states. Recent projects include:
♦ Maritime system study in Ohio
♦ Needs assessment at sixteen public ports in Mississippi
♦ Physical master plan in Kentucky
♦ Container-on-barge logistics and business analyses
♦ Dry cargo dock study and recommendations to improve operations and efficiency in Oklahoma
♦ Design of a multimodal terminal complex, including a slack water harbor, steel center/container yard & grain/bulk facility in Illinois
♦ Design of an overhead bridge crane, dock, mooring cells, bulk materials conveyor & related land improvements in Ohio
♦ Market analysis and master plan; design of a new cargo dock and new roll-on/roll-off facility in Kentucky
♦ Strategic market assessment, physical facility master plan & marketing plan in Alabama
♦ Market assessment and physical facilities master plan; design/construction management of a new dock and mooring structures in Missouri



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