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Columbus, OH (December 31, 2017) – In 2017, the Ohio Department of Transportation developed the Ohio Maritime System Study to determine the role of the state with regard to waterborne transportation. Guiding the Study was a Steering Committee that included representatives from the Governor’s office, Lt. Governor’s office, ODOT, Ohio Rail Commission, ODOT–Jobs & Commerce, Jobs Ohio, and the Ohio Development Services Agency. W. R. Coles and Associates (WRCA) and CPCS Transcom Inc. (CPCS) conducted the Study, which provided strategic advice to ODOT and other state officials for Ohio’s role in waterborne transportation policy and support in an effort to enable economic competitiveness and growth. The Ohio Maritime System Study included an inventory of maritime assets on Lake Erie and the Ohio River; identification of maritime system users, market trends, and requirements; and options for Ohio. WRCA visited 123 Ohio River representatives of industry, shippers, carriers, private terminals, public port authorities, railroads, truckers, economic developers, and local, state and federal government officials to determine their needs and perspectives on an appropriate role for state government. The project team also gathered information on maritime assistance programs in ten other states to serve as examples. The Study has resulted in specific strategic recommendations for ODOT, the Steering Committee’s having a better appreciation of the value of waterborne transportation to Ohio’s economy, and in the committee’s directing action on the implementation of recommendations presented to state officials. 

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